Parent info

Stay connected, show support

At Union, families are encouraged to be an active part of their student's life. We hope you can take time to visit your student at campus at special events such as Parents Weekend and graduation and stay connected through social media and our live event video channel, uTV.

Meet their teachers and friends and get a taste of college life at this special weekend designed just for parents (October 6-8, 2023).

Learn about up coming events, and encourage your student to participate.

We regularly posts albums, events and other updates on Facebook. Links to other social media platforms can be found below in the footer. 

Watch many on-campus events streamed live online — such as music, athletics, worship and more.

Learn more about how Union maximizes the value of our learning community to help students grow.

Looking for something to do when you visit? Here are 101 options for you to try with your student.

Financial quick links

Students love to be seen as independent adults, right up until they need financial assistance. Most students don't only rely on their families to fund a portion of their education, but to help them navigate the world of scholarships, loans and payment plans.

Academic resources

Want to know more about how academics and how students can get access to help when they need it?

Led by the Student Success Center, Union provides a host of resources to help your student succeed and find the career that connects to the person God created them to be.

College life resources

How will my student fit in at college? How will they grow spiritually? What if they become Ill?

Here links to more information about resources available to your student.


Union seeks to create a learning community governed by grace and love. But as when any group of people live and work together, we need some rules to make sure everyone can get the most out of their experience here.

Grades and records

Your student will be able to access grades and finances on the Portal website. Because of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Union College cannot release grades or financial information to you without your student’s consent. Your student can authorize you in Portal ("My Profile" tab > Shared Access).

Where to stay

If you're planning a trip to Lincoln, on-campus guest rooms may be available in the Ortner Center. Parents get a 20 percent discount. Call 402.486.2545 to make reservations. You can also find lists of:

Legally an adult?

Unlike most states, your student is not legally considered an adult in Nebraska until they are 19 years old. If your student is under the age of 19 and plans to open a local checking account, he or she may need a parental signature.

Student housing

Most Union students live in residence halls, with good reason: national research shows students who live on-campus are more likely to finish college within four years and with higher grades.