McClelland Art Gallery


Open daily from 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


The gallery is located in the Ortner Center on the campus of Union College. Enter campus from Prescott Avenue.

3800 South 48th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506


Kayleen Scott
Student Gallery Director

Guiding principles

The Art and Design Program faculty at Union College have the responsibility of arranging for and directing art displays in the McClelland Gallery based on the following principles:

  • The McClelland Gallery functions within the context of Union College, a Christian institution of higher learning operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We uphold Union’s standards and values. The Gallery has no permanent collection, but exists to showcase art from students, staff and faculty, alumni and guest artists.
  • Christian education is our reason for existence. We believe art changes lives. Our goal is to celebrate art by exploring ideas, considering diverse viewpoints, encouraging diversity of expression and communication, and featuring a variety of artistic mediums and approaches.
  • We strive to honor our Creator by celebrating beauty, to awaken and nurture sensitivity to and appreciation of art, and to discover and promote individual creativity, within high standards of quality.
  • We value critical thinking, and promote it by selecting artwork in a variety of styles and content and by providing written context as appropriate.
  • We encourage diversity, both in artists represented and in the medium and style of artwork shown.

Exhibition priorities and time frames

  • Senior exhibits, usually spring semester, one to two weeks each, scheduling
    backward from graduation (or semester end)
  • Other Art and Design Program faculty, as desired 2-4 weeks
  • Union College class exhibitions 2-4 weeks
  • Union College student individual or group shows 2-4 weeks
  • Study tour or mission trip exhibitions 2-4 weeks
  • Union College alumni shows 2-4 weeks
  • Community artists 4 weeks
  • Union College faculty, staff, or friends 2-4 weeks