Photo of Amber Cook with her race car

Amber Cook: the art in racing

Dust and exhaust rise from the ground as thousands of horsepower rumble to life. The deafening engines drown out the crowd’s low roar as anticipation and excitement builds. This is exactly what Amber Cook loves…

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Photo of Christianna Nesmith

Christianna Nesmith: putting the community in college

Christianna Nesmith doesn’t make all of her decisions at summer camp—just the big, life-changing ones. For example, she was working at Camp Wakonda in Wisconsin when she met her fiancé (they’re getting married this month).…

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Photo of a male student on campus.

Tanner Forde: finding a calling in the pandemic

Tanner Forde grew up hearing stories about Union College. The brother of Brooklynn Forde, son of Terry and Marijane Forde and grandson of Jim and Roxy Hoehn, Union College is the setting for many of…

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Photo of a student nurse examining a patient in a clinic in Peru

Global Health Nursing: a new perspective on patient care

As the departure date for the Union College Global Health Nursing trip grew closer, Olivia Jacobs began to consider backing out. The level five nursing major felt overwhelmed as she prepared for her finals and…

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Photo of Jefferson Gibson

Jefferson Gibson: listening for God in the cafeteria

If you’ve eaten at Union Market in the last four years, you’ve probably seen Jefferson Gibson. The senior theology major serves meals, stocks shelves and rings up purchases, all with his characteristic easygoing smile. If you…

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Photo of Michael Amankwaa in front of a weather map.

Michael Amankwaa: campus weatherman

The source of weather information for many Union College students and employees isn’t the local news. It’s Michael Amankwaa, our campus weatherman. For three years, the senior from Killeen, Texas, has regularly posted forecasts on uGroups, Union’s…

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Kailey Erkhart: A career in compassion

“I always knew I wanted to help people,” said Kailey Erkhart, a senior from Denver, Colorado. “I just didn’t know in what way.” Halfway through her degree, she switched her major to social work, and…

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Photo of Jillian Dean at the Nebraska State Capitol

Jillian Dean: the nuts and bolts of advocacy

“I’ve learned social work isn’t just about counseling, school and hospital work,” said Jillian Dean. “It’s also about what you can do by advocating for the people of the state and even the country.” A…

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Photo of Levi

Levi Ventura: a very good internship at VRLY

“I just try to find companies I can work with and get real-life experience. But this is probably one of the more fun and interactive jobs I have had.” While Levi Ventura has a lot…

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Photo of Devin Schlisner talking to a friend.

Faith soars over the tumbling floor

“My life doesn’t have purpose without God in it,” said junior business administration and mathematics major Devin Schlisner. “I can study all I want. I can get good grades. I can do well in sports.…

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Photo of Jadyn Anderson

A fast track to practicing medicine

Jadyn Anderson is one of the busiest students on Union’s campus. The junior from South Dakota balances her studies with working as a physical therapy technician, founding and leading the pre-PA club, and organizing service…

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Photo of Eddie Luke

Growing mind, body, soul and facilities

Physical wellness is something that’s important to many students on campus, especially Eddie Luke. As a sophomore theology major, his physical wellbeing is a major part of his spiritual life. “Wellness is a lifestyle. Personally,…

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