International volunteers and task force

Are you ready to serve?

Many Union College students choose to take a gap year away from campus to continue their educations in strikingly different contexts, exploring both what it means to serve and lead. Wherever you go, whatever you find to do, international volunteers and task force workers share two traits when they return: they've learned to see the world differently, and they understand themselves more deeply. 

Application process

Pick up and turn in a pre-application in Campus Ministries (located in the first floor of the Everett Dick Building- DB 105). We will contact you and coach you through the rest of the application process from there. Contact the international volunteer directors if you have any questions.

Who can volunteer?

Do I get to choose my location?

What kinds of opportunities are available?

Can I be a volunteer in the United States or Canada?

How do I find the locations for missions opportunities?

What do I do when I find a place I want to serve?

How much does it cost to be a volunteer?

What kind of training is involved?

What if I have loans that need to be deferred?

What about health insurance?

Current volunteers 2022-2023


  • Ella Foster - Philippines
  • Yonathan Suarez - Cambodia
  • Anders Jeronimo - Brazil

Task Force

  • Erick Maldonado - Hawaiian Mission Academy

Former Volunteers