Admissions Policy

Admissions process


  • Apply here.         
  • Submit your application as early as your high school junior year.
  • If you are a former Union College student and have not attended Union for one or more semesters, submit a reapplication form. Click here for Union's returning student admission requirements.

Send transcripts.

  • Download an official Transcript Request (PDF).
  • Submit the request for your high school (and college, if applicable) registrar to mail all official transcripts directly to:
    Union College
    Attn:  Admissions Office
    3800 South 48th Street
    Lincoln, NE  68506
  • Six- and seven-semester high school transcripts may be submitted for early acceptance.
  • Home school students should submit official transcripts from any schools attended and a list of the home school curriculum.  (View two samples of home school transcripts.)

Send test scores.

  • Send your ACT/SAT scores one of two ways (required only if less than 24 hours of college credit):
    1.  When you take your ACT/SAT test, request that your scores be sent to Union College (Union's school code for ACT is 2480 and for SAT is 6865).
    2.  Arrange with Union's Career Center (402.486.2540 or to take your ACT test at Union College.
  • Students whose first language is not English need the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for admission.

Make financial arrangements.

  • If you are seeking federal financial assistance, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  • Complete your online financial questionnaire in your Portal account after being accepted to the university ( 
  • Complete the tasks listed in your "To Do" tab on your "My Financial Aid" portion of your Portal account.
  • Make your $100 non-refundable confirmation deposit online here
  • Make your first month's payment by Aug. 1.
  • View Union's financial information (including estimated expenses and resources) online.

Complete pre-registration.

  • Complete the health form online and ask that your immunization records be sent to Union.
  • Complete the housing request online.
  • There are benefits for completing the above items by July 1.
    You will:
    1.  Have the first pick of class choices.
    2.  Avoid long registration lines in the fall.
    3.  Have your class schedule worked out, making it easier to plan your work schedule.
    4.  Have your financial plan completed, making it easier to manage your finances.

Admissions requirements

  • A completed application for admission. Available from the Office of Admissions and on the Union College website, the application may be submitted as early as the end of the junior year of high school or equivalent. 
  • Graduation from high school, completion of a comparable home school curriculum, or GED (see below).
  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 on a 4-point scale.
  • A minimum ACT composite score of 18 with minimum English and math scores of 17, or combined SAT score of 870 (old SAT) or 1290 (new SAT).  The ACT test may be taken on campus.  For arrangements, contact the Career Center at 402.486.2540 or email
  • Transcripts of all high schools and colleges or universities attended.  Official transcripts should be mailed directly from the registrar of the institution attended to the Union College Admissions Office as part of the application. Official final high school transcripts with date of graduation and transcripts of all previous college coursework are required prior to enrollment.
  • Home school students should submit official transcripts from any schools attended and/or a home school transcript along with an explanation of the home school curriculum with date of completion. (View sample home school transcripts.)
  • Applicants who have not graduated from high school or completed a home school curriculum must submit minimum standard test scores of 450 on each of the five tests of the General Educational Development (GED) or an average score of 500 for all tests.
  • Students whose native language is not English must either furnish proof of current English proficiency with a standardized test taken within the past two years. The university accepts the following examinations and minimum scores:
    TOEFL:  Internet-based (iBT), 60; International paper-based, 500; IELTS, 5.5
    SAT I (Critical Reading) 430
    ACT (English) 17
  • Any applicant who has successfully completed at least 24 semester hours or equivalent from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.00 is considered a transfer student with standing as a sophomore or above. Submission of ACT scores is not required for transfer student admission.

Non-Degree Students
Students from other institutions and individuals not seeking a degree from Union College may take six hours or less of classes per semester without meeting the regular admission requirements above.

Notice of non-discrimination policy as to students

Union College admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

Conditional admission

Applicants who do not meet the published admission requirements will be considered by the Admissions Committee, which may request further statements and other evidence indicating the likelihood of the applicant's success.  If accepted by committee action, the applicant may be required to enroll in an appropriate fee-based program offered through the Teaching Learning Center (TLC).

Freshmen Enrichment (FE) is designed to help first-years transition into college with the support of an academic coach. Students on Freshmen Development are required to:

  • Sign the Freshmen Enrichment letter of commitment.
  • Participate in one year of Personal Academic College Coaching (PACC) program. 
  • Subscribe to Campus Toolkit.
  • Take a maximum of 15 credit hours.
  • Enroll in TLCM 100 (fall semester).
  • Complete the semester hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.
  • Pay the Freshmen Development fee.

Integrated College Experience (ICE) program is designed to help first-years transition into college with the support of an academic coach. Students on ICE are required to:

  • Sign the ICE letter of commitment.
  • Participate in one year of Personal Academic College Coaching (PACC) program.
  • Take 15 credit hours from the ICE approved class schedule.
  • Enroll in TLCM 100 (fall semester) and TLCM 101(spring semester).
  • Complete 21 semester hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 during the first two semesters.
  • Assigned to a specialized advisor.
  • Those admitted to the ICE program are considered pursuing a two-year degree with a general studies major. After successful completion of the ICE program, student may declare a bachelor’s level major.

Students on academic probation are required to participate in Academic Success and Advising Program (ASAP). Students on ASAP are required to:

  • Sign the ASAP letter of commitment.
  • Participate in one semester of Personal Academic College Coaching (PACC) program.
  • Subscription to Campus Toolkit
  • Take a maximum of 15 credit hours.
  • Complete semester hours with minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 or semester GPA >1.67.
  • Pay a semester fee.

Students on academic probation are required to participate in Academic Alert (AA) Program. Students on AA program are required to:

  • Sign the AA letter of commitment.
  • Participate in one semester of Personal Academic College Coaching (PACC) program.
  • Subscription to Campus Toolkit
  • Take a maximum of 15 credit hours.
  • Complete semester hours with minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 or semester GPA >1.67.
  • Pay a semester fee.

Admission of international students

For information about application, passports and visas, employment, English language proficiency, finances, scholarships, housing, and insurance, please contact:

The Director of Admissions
Union College
3800 South 48th Street
Lincoln, NE  68506 USA

... or go to

English Proficiency for International Students
To be admitted as a regular student regardless of citizenship, applicants must meet the requirements outlined in the Admission Requirements section above.

Recommended high school curriculum

A college preparatory diploma represents a better preparation for college than does a general diploma. The recommendations below are provided as guidance for a quality preparation for college, not as admission requirements.

  • English - four years of English is highly recommended, besides speech and drama courses.
  • Mathematics - two years of algebra and one year of geometry. Pre-calculus/advanced math is required to enter some math and science courses.
  • Science - two years of biology, chemistry or physics; one year of each is advantageous for science majors.
  • Social Sciences - two years of history, or one year of history and another of a social science.
  • Computer - a computer applications course which provides basic competency in word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations and file management.

Baccalaureate bonus program

Union's Baccalaureate Bonus program offers qualified students who hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent the opportunity to take additional undergraduate classes or to complete another undergraduate degree at half the current tuition rate. Students electing to enter the program may carry either full- or part-time class loads. Applicants for the program must meet the academic and citizenship expectations of regular students, and submit an official transcript verifying completion of the previous degree.

The Baccalaureate Bonus half-tuition rate applies only to fall and spring semester courses.  Discounts are applied to tuition only and do not apply to laboratory fees, the professional phases of the Health Science program, the Nursing program or the International Rescue and Relief program, clinical course work, off-campus courses (including those in affiliated programs), individual lessons, general fees, club fees, cafeteria charges, room rent and other miscellaneous charges.

Baccalaureate Bonus tuition discounts will be granted to international students only if the student holds a baccalaureate equivalent degree and meets the English language requirement through a satisfactory TOEFL or other score.

Baccalaureate Bonus students may enroll in any course subject to the conditions outlined in this policy but must recognize that first-time undergraduate students paying full tuition will receive priority for enrollment in limited-enrollment classes and lab sections.

Financial Considerations
Applicants for the Baccalaureate Bonus programs must pay in full any previous accounts held with Union College. In addition,

  • students in the program are not eligible to receive any other Union College scholarships or financial awards, and
  • federal financial aid, grants, discounts or scholarships are generally not available.
  • expenses that the student remains responsible for include summer school courses, laboratory fees, clinical course work, off-campus courses, individual lessons, general fees, SA (Student Association) fees, club fees and all other miscellaneous charges.
  • on-campus employment is not readily available. However, based on campus employment needs, the Student Finance Committee may approve a student's application for employment.
  • students pursuing degrees assume full financial responsibility for classes that must be taken at other colleges or universities.
  • other restrictions may apply. Contact Enrollment and Student Financial Services.

Returning student admission requirements

We welcome all students who left Union in good academic and disciplinary standing back to our campus anytime to continue their education! Our Enrollment staff is available to answer any of your questions and to assist with the process.

Readmission Process

If a student has been gone one year or less, contact the Records Office to request readmission.

If a student has been gone more than one year, complete the university application at

If a student has suspended their studies due to deployment or military-related activities, we will work with you to provide prompt readmission into the program. Contact the Records Office to request readmission. 

Your eligibility

If you left Union College due to medical withdrawal, disciplinary suspension, or academic suspension/dismissal, your readmittance will need approval by the Vice President of Academic Administration and President’s Council in order to re-enroll.

If you left on academic probation, you will need to work with your advisor to identify what courses to take to move you into good academic standing.


If you have attended college elsewhere during your absence, you must provide an official copy of the transcripts in your readmission application to transfer the credits to Union College.

Additional Information

All holds must be settled from your records before your application will be considered.

Readmission is subject to available space and current requirements established by Union College and the Program of Study.To receive financial aid, please submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).